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What If You Fraud Us?

There will be an agreement. If anything, happen in future during the work. You can take legal proceedings on our company.

Is This Amount Refundable?

Yes, it is refundable, we are also paying same amount to the foreign companies. If the work is done properly it will definitely refund with your salary. This is our company giving refundable money.

How Can I Believe You?

We are having many services in our company. We got tied up to Aboard based company which provides outsourcing. We also provide the training. We got approved by the government of Andhra Pradesh. We are having proper website. This work from home job sector is not only one thing which we have. We are having different projects.

What is assurance for my payment?

You can also visit the office and there will be other executives for the explanations. We will provide proper agreement for you which will be proof for your payment.

Is There Is Any Problem Arises Technically?

We are running fast server. There will be no server problem. For that reason, we are giving one more extra day. These kind of things doesn't happen. But we take responsibility to support your work.

I have done right forms but you have changed the forms?

We are allowing you to do the screen recording, no other company is providing a screen recording option or else you can just take a screenshot and send it to us. The data will be saved and the PDF will be generated. Once the QC report is done you can check it in your ID. You can have that proof with you but we won’t do such things

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