6000 Plan ( Project 1 )

Project  Explanation:

•     This is the project where you can earn more money in less time.

•     The registration fees for this project is 6000/- which will be completely refundable.

•     Here, there will be numerous forms to be filled among them 1200 forms are mandatory in a span of 10 days. In those 1200 forms minimum 1100 must be accurate.

•     It consists of a single page divided into two sections. The first section displays the raw data and the second one is the application form. Where you have to see the raw data present at the upper side and type it in the below 20 fields to complete a form.

•     After filling each form, you can re-edit your form within 24 hrs of time from the time you have saved the form. If you feel any difficulty while typing a form you can also skip it. You can skip as many times as you want.

•     After completing those forms. If there are no errors for at least 1100 forms then you will get 20/- for each form. Then only your salary will be 22000/ to 24000/-

•     You will get your salary along with your deposit only after successful of your project.

•     Deposit amount as per your plan is completely refundable in every project under the division of MYWORK.

•     We will be available for quiries from 10A.M - 5 P.M (on Working days)

•     For any Trust issues, You can opt for Screen recording of your work.

•     Payment of Projects & Deposit Amount will be paid on successful Completion of project with Conditions of the Agreement you Signed before taking project.

Work  Explanation:

•    Go to our website - www.mineandyourscompany.com

•    Click on Logins.

•    Click on your Project Login.

•    Enter your Login ID and password.

•    If you want to change the password. Click on Change Password. Make sure you remember your changed password because forget password option is not there.

•    At left side you will find Work Load. Click on Work Load and fill the forms up to 1200 in 10 days.

•    To skip the form, click on Work Load you will find new form.

•    To re-edit the form, click on the Work Load List. Click on the action button of the form which you want to edit. You can edit it within 24 hrs of time.

•    After completion of forms click on Submit Work. Click on Download PDF.

•    Send the generated PDF to the mail ID – info@mineandyourscompany.com before your expiry time.

•    Within 1-2 days you will get the QC report. You can check in your account. Click on QC Report and check your accuracy.

•    You will get your salary along with your deposit only after successful of your project within 3-4 working days.

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